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Average brands sell products. Unforgettable brands sell experiences.

DMX is a global leader in the development and engineering of audio branding. Using the right music and a scientific, research- based methodology we create engaging customer environments, motivate staff and  build brands.

Turn ordinary experiences into extraordinary experiences through music , video, messaging, and digital signage. We pick up where your ad agency and branding consultancy leaves off. We get to know your business, your customer, your brand and the ambience you need to create to keep customers happy. Then through sound, messaging and digital media, we add that next level of depth. We engineer the art of consumer engagement to help your business create extraordinary experiences for your customer.

For over 40 years, DMX’s customers have included prominent industry leaders and represent some of the most identifiable South African  brands such as Southern Sun, Kurt Geiger, Col’Cacchio, Pick ‘n Pay Clothing, Polo and many more! 

Internationally DMX’s list of customers include Burger King, DKNY. Adidas, Gucci, Pizza Hut and Tommy Hilfiger as well as many others.