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DMX Music delivers smart audio branding for Spitz with Profusion

Leading retailers across South Africa are increasingly harnessing the benefits of bespoke audio branding to create a shopping environment that positively connects with their customers, enhances a shopper’s experience and motivates consumer behaviour.

“Shopping is a sensory experience and audio branding underpins the overall shopping experience, driving a retailer’s financial performance,” explains Craig Cesman, CEO of DMX Music Africa.

It is little wonder then that DMX’s Profusion is trending in the South African retail community with a growing number of devotees which now includes 60 Spitz outlets and it’s newly launched stand-alone Kurt Geiger stores.

“It’s all about creating the ultimate shopping experience. Look, touch, smell and sound are all intrinsically linked,” says Marketing Executive for Spitz, Anna Dodds. “We want our shoppers to walk away with a memory; the music, genre and style, plays a very important role in the consumer experience.” 

“We’re also very excited about our bespoke CD compilation to complement the Kurt Geiger brand, where shoppers can look forward to a smooth combination of R&B and classic contemporary music from the 60s to today. Shoppers who love the designer-sounds of Kurt Geiger can purchase their very own, fabulous compilation,” says Cesman.

DMX’s Profusion is the world’s most successful in-store music platform. This top-of-the-range audio branding solution that delivers tailor-made audio arrangement for retailers is strategically targeted to reflect brand personality and tailored to a myriad of dynamics from shopper profile to season and even time of day.

“Profusion has been remarkably successful in South Africa with over 600 installations and growing. A national retailer with 90+ outlets has experienced phenomenal customer feedback and demand for take-home versions of its in-store music mix. As a result, DMX has specially compiled, produced and released four different CD compilations for sale to their customers” says Cesman.     

Internationally, DMX is the most successful audio branding provider, with 100,000 business installations globally. With a capacity to hold over 1,000 hours of customised mixed music and messaging, DMX Profusion can be programmed to change music profiles throughout the day, depending on trading patterns, and also provide various music styles in up to four zones simultaneously. 

Experts in audio branding, DMX Music offers customers a careful assessment of their audio branding needs and delivers customised sound tracks that optimise the retail environment.

“DMX audio branding is an excellent option for retail environments where control and reliability is essential. Profusion is tamper proof, meaning that employees cannot interfere with the in-store atmospherics, thereby ensuring brand-wide consistency of experience.” notes Cesman.

“The sound is always fresh and there’s an excellent line-up of music and, if required messaging, that plays as long as the shopping day,” explains Cesman. 

Increasingly retailers see the benefits of customised audio branding. “The longer shoppers stay in a store, the more likely they are to spend and also get to know one’s brand. Good audio branding adds to a compelling environment conducive to shoppers’ feelings of wellbeing.”