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Customised Health & Leisure Solutions

Create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere and  reduce perceived waiting times in spaces like cinemas, health spas, clinics, hospital waiting rooms etc. Fill your gym or studio with pumping, uptempo beats to motivate your members during their workouts!

Progressive medical facilities have effectively been making use of music through their audio systems. Music is therapeutic in that it helps reduce anxiety and create a positive state of mind. Noise can also be neutralized by using music which masks and controls disturbances. DMX has a wide offering of meditative and soothing music styles. By making use of digital signage, patrons in waiting areas can be educated about new products or offerings. 

Gyms worldwide  recognize the need for the right music with the right tempo, for various activities such as spinning classes or yoga classes. Why not educate your customer about other facilities at the gym, interspersed with the latest music videos while they workout. Make use of digital signage technology to make changes to timetables or club announcements, for all members  to see. 

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