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Customised Hospitality Solutions

Creating the perfect ambience is simply imperative in a hotel environment. The feeling of comfort and that the guest is in a special place, must be conveyed.

By correctly appealing to the senses of the guests, you are creating a positive experience and will have them coming back again and again. In fact, music is just as important as the hotel’s décor and lighting. The perfect music will also lift the mood of the staff, who will always be ready to welcome guests.

Studies have shown that  most  hotel guests prefer to meet and dine in lobbies, bar areas and restaurants, playing music, as it adds to the social mood of a communal area.

DMX is also able to provide music, not only throughout a hotel and resort, but also on TV sets in the guests’ rooms. This provides the individual with the option of relaxing to their own music selection, in the comfort of their hotel room.

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