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@ home in store CD in Vogue

The soothing music played in-store in @ home stores countrywide is now available for consumers to purchase.

The CD has been designed by audio branding experts DMX Music Africa-a global leader in the development and engineering of audio branding and provider of @home's unique instore sound.

@home customers have a preference for fashion, style & quality and the music mix in-store incorporates various jazz styles, Rat Pack and golden oldies. This music design has been so appealing to customers that a @home CD has been compiled as a result of customer demand to take the unique sound home with them.

Mark Shapiro, the DMX Music designer of the @home CD simply entitled @home Music Collection, says choosing the right collection of music is a complex, research-driven process.

"There's so much that goes into it. Firstly, songs are right or not depending on how they work together to embody a design concept that has both a clear unity and diversity within it, "says Shapiro.

He continues: "Then, at the song selection stage, I first listen for a certain kind of identity a track has. A great song is like a world unto itself, with rules of its own universe like a magical island to explore again and again."

Craig Cesman, Chief Executive of DMX Music Africa, explains that music acts as a strong consumer behavioral motivator, but also motivates and improves staff service.

"Audio, sound-based branding, creates a tremendously powerful connection with consumers as well as contributing to thedelivery of brand consistency. Music is therefore an essential ingredient in delivering a consistent and enjoyable brand experience to consumers, "he says.

"Our work is researched-based and we understand how the customers connect to music, and ultimately, the brand. This enables us to create unique music signatures used by brands like @home to define themselves. The @home CD proves that our approach delivers results, "adds Cesman.

He adds that the approach that was taken to music in @home stores is scientific and brand driven. The music selection is extremely focused and distinctive and has afforded the chain brand consistency and distinctiveness.

The success of @home's sonic brand strategy is borne out by positive feedback they have received from customers, which directly led to the opportunity to create the CD. The huge popularity is because the music being played makes the shopping environment very relaxed and pleasurable.

The 18-track @home CD features hits such as Frank Sinatra's "You Do Something To Me", Louis Armstrong's "Mack The Knife", Miles Davis' "It Ain't Necessarily So "and Nina Simone's "My Baby Just Cares For Me "to name but a few.

Whether it is mixing crooners & jazz vocals to create a feel-good atmosphere for @home stores, playing the latest dance tracks for a fast paced youth brand, or making workouts enjoyable at Virgin Active, it is not just any music soundtrack DMX is creating, it's the right music soundtrack.