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Break-Through in Music and Messaging Technology

DMX Music (Africa) launches ProFusion®, a next generation digital music manager that enhances the consumer brand experience in a myriad of different retail, leisure and hospitality environments

November 2006 - Johannesburg, South Africa.

DMX Music (Africa) today announced a breakthrough in music and messaging technology with the launch of a new generation digital media manager to the South African retail, leisure and FMCG industries. Called ProFusion®, the digital media management system delivers high-fidelity sound with the largest selection of music and messaging programming in a wide variety of formats, creating an audio brand experience that's uniquely distinct to disparate business environments.

An industry leader in the development and engineering of foreground music and audio message marketing, DMX offers bespoke sound solutions to global industries and brand leaders like Woolworths, Southern Sun, KFC, Virgin Active, Sun international and @ home. The key to the company's success is its research-based understanding of consumer lifestyle behaviour patterns and its ability to translate this understanding into a sound experience that enhances the consumer brand experience.

"At DMX MUSIC we know that brands want to marry music, messaging and the customer experience to fit precisely with their business image. And, they want this solution to be easy to manage as well as 100% consistent and reliable in application each and every trading day," says Craig Cesman, CEO of DMX Music (Africa). "We have combined the company's international music programming expertise, state-of-the-art technology and proprietary software to give retail businesses total control over what their customers hear. From extensive music programming, to engaging retail radio, to flexible scheduling, the ProFusion® Digital Media Manager does it all."

A global leader in digital music and visual programming, DMX Music offers access to one of the world's largest digital music libraries, delivering more than 500 styles of non-stop music via a variety of platforms across the globe. DMX's customers represent top global industries and brand leaders like: Woolworths, Southern Sun, Sun International, KFC, Virgin Active, Abercrombie and Fitch, Nike, H&M, Guess, Body Shop and Victoria's Secret.

"With the world's largest music library as its foundation, DMX's ProFusion® delivers music expertly programmed by DMX to deliver unique experiences tailored to the retailer's demographics and brand strategy. Whether there's one location or many, this innovative technology enables DMX to efficiently and automatically provide stores and retail outlets with precisely targeted music from an unprecedented range of choices," says Cesman.

"As the leading digital, on-premise delivery system, ProFusion® provides all the features and functionality retailers need to build their business image through targeted music and messaging. Stores can target a specific customer type or change their business tempo by the hour, day, week, location or during different seasons. Then there's the opportunity to trigger music styles for particular events and vary programming in multiple locations. ProFusion® allows store owners to switch their custom schedules at any time," he explains.

This next generation digital music and messaging technology was developed following extensive research from DMX users across the globe including international brand leaders like Nike. As the leading digital, on-premise delivery system, ProFusion® is already used in 65 000 retail outlets on an internationally.