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DMX Plays Freshlyground for Woolworths

They're putting Afro-pop on the global music map, and they're playing at a Woolworths store near you.

Some of the best music to be heard in South Africa is playing in a Woolworths store near you. Having just released their killer new album "Ma'Cheri" to rave reviews, South African music sensation "Freshlyground" have been lured to do gigs in UK and Europe. If you're missing this country's best loved Afropop band then just go to Woolies.

"Freshlyground are a South African phenomenon with their double platinum ‘Doo Be Boo' the most played record on local radio in 2005," says Craig Cesman, CEO of DMX, the global business music company that provides in-store sound for some of the world's best known and best loved brands. "They've come a long way since playing in Kirstenbosch Gardens in 2002 when they were a little band with a dream.

They're local heroes and Woolworths South Arica's most loved and trusted retailing brand has included them in their latest advertising campaign. DMX helps Woolworths to extend this campaign into stores by featuring selected songs from Freshlyground's albums in the Woolworths stores countrywide that have instore music."

DMX ( is Woolworths' sound partner, an industry leader in the development and engineering of audio branding. DMX uses a research-based understanding of the relationship between consumers and their sensory experiences to create environments where customers want to spend more time and money.

DMX integrates consumer insights with the goals and strategies of businesses to build memorable brands, entertain customers, motivate staff and create extraordinary commercial environments through the power of sound. T, and the sound of sales.

"You can wander into any Woolworths store and your attention will be immediately caught by the large scale photographs of South African legends, heroes and extra-ordinary people who exemplify what it means to be one of us. A real South African," says Errol Solomon, Store Design & Visual Merchandising Executive for Woolworths.

"We are a passionately South African brand and this is reflected in our marketing which features Freshlyground who have fast become local music legends. We run a customercentric business. It is all about the customer and making the customer feel good, so that they will want to spend more time in-store.

Given that South Africans love music and that they love Freshlyground, we're using this brilliant band in our branding and our customers want to hear more of them, so we're just giving our customers what they want."

Woolworths is one of South Africa's leading retail chains – a benchmark for excellence and an icon of quality. Woolworths brand values – quality & style, value, innovation, service, integrity, and energy – have evolved over 75 years of trading. Today, Woolworths is a retail chain that extends throughout Africa and into the Middle East, trading through more than 300 stores.

"The fact that Woolworths builds lifetime relationships with customers remains critical to the business' success, ensuring that we understand their needs and meet these needs with ever increasing consistency," says Solomon. "Extending our campaign in store to bring customers the sound of Freshlyground is a natural extension of this desire to serve the customer," says Solomon.

Bridging historical divides, Freshlyground defies musical stereotypes in a sound experience that speaks to the heart of all South Africans. "Everywhere they go, Freshlyground are a sensation. Local audiences of every race cram in to see them.

The very presence of this band in South Africa is the promise of a harmonious future. And we're excited to play their music in Woolworths stores to bring this image and audio expression of a great South Africa to all who shop there," says Cesman.