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DMX rocks SA youth

South Africa's leading business and home music provider announces the launch of two new music channels devoted to the local youth market.

Johannesburg South Africa: DMX Music announces two new channels that will premier cutting edge dance music and campus-style rock before they are heard in clubs or on the radio. Found only on the DMX audio bouquet on DStv and in select stores that want to capture the youth market, the two new channels are– Electrosphere and Campus Rock.

True to its name, Electrosphere feature techno, electronica, progressive house, trance, breakbeat, drum and bass-styles while Campus Rock spins indie labels, scene-savvy bands and the latest from the local emerging market.

The global leader in digital music programming, DMX premiers music way ahead of traditional channels because it manages one of the world's largest digital music libraries, with experts around the globe spotting and integrating the newest and hottest music trends. More information on DMX can be found at

"South African youth crave music which has become more than just a lifestyle, but a way of life," says Craig Cesman, CEO of DMX. "Music defines who and what the youth market is and at DMX we're ahead of the cutting edge, we're at the bleeding edge of new music to ensure we have the hottest sounds before anyone else done.

Our success in appealing to this market is ensuring we know music and put it out there before anyone else."

DMX hopes to feature the best in SA Rock bands on Campus Rock in the near future. This will give these bands a much needed platform to showcase their music since the marginalization of rock music on radio in SA.

Says Cesman "We've got some great bands out there, but they're really starved for a media channel to feature their music. We hope to provide just that to DStv base of over 1 million subscribers in Southern Africa."