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How The Bing Stole Christmas

The best gift retailers can give their customers this festive season, is a uniquely mixed music mix from DMX, instead of another round of Boney M or Bing Crosby.

Christmas might be the season for tradition, but the time has come for retailers to adapt their in-store music to the sound of a South African festive celebration, not irritation. Retailers have been relying for too long on playing the clichéd festive hits of Bing Crosby and Boney M, much to the frustration of shoppers, who are exposed to the same soundtracks in most stores.

Research has shown that the wrong music in stores could lead to customers spending less time in retail outlets, which could prove detrimental to sale figures. Retailers need to know what their customers want to listen to in order to create a unique shopping experience.

Even in the 21st century merry season shoppers are often the victims of endless repetitions of bygone holiday music soundtracks in their favorite stores. Traditionally, most retail stores regarded festive season music mainly as a motivational factor for employees, but more recently retailers have started to realize that by modernizing their soundtracks and by selecting songs by how well they accentuate their brand, can have a powerful effect on their holiday season sales.

"The weeks leading up to Christmas are definitely the busiest and most lucrative for retail stores and too many retailers think that festive music is traditionally enjoyed by all their customers. Every retail store has its own unique customer and brand identity, and that means also its own unique musical DNA," says Craig Cesman, CEO of DMX Music Africa.

DMX Music has been at the cutting-edge of the development and engineering of music soundtracks for more than 35 years, and its holiday season offering to retail clients is no different.

Once the unique musical DNA of the retail outlet has been identified, a mix of the exact right type of music to suit their brand, is created. This leads to a special aural experience for the customers in the stores that they know and love.

"Christmas time is often the most challenging when it comes to selecting the right in-store music for retailers. Shoppers often become annoyed by the repetition of the same jingles year after year, especially those of the White Christmas variety when the weather outside is sunny and 30 degrees.

DMX takes out the effort for retailers in selecting the right festive music, by using its research-based understanding of the relationship between consumers and their sensory experiences. DMX provides over 13 formats of Christmas music alone in addition to customized formats for select clients like Woolworths and @home, to name but a few.

With styles ranging from Instrumental to Jazz to Pop and Urban, these formats feature contemporary artist singing holiday favourites interspersed with a good measure of other music to provide a measure of variety. Every format corresponds exactly with the style of the customer so they can match their desired image and atmosphere exactly," says Cesman.

In commercial environments these insights into consumer lifestyle behavior are used to build extraordinary shopping experiences for customers through Audio Branding. DMX,, has one of the world's largest digital music libraries, delivering more than 500 styles of non-stop music to brand leaders, top retailers and stores across Africa and the world.

For retailers this means endless brand building opportunities, for customers this means less irritation and more than just Bing Crosby classics this festive season.