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Music Video

Music Videos

Capture Their Attention with music videos, and/ or your own video content (ads, logos). The iS manages video content with accompanying audio in conjunction with your music program so the two don’t compete for air time.

Imagery can entertain and transport your patrons, and it can be an important marketing tool for your business.

Many businesses use conventional television, but the problem is that it is not geared for business. Your competitors’ advertisements may appear and diminish your customer’s experience with your brand and certain programming can offend the senses.

 We have a vast content library so you can select the solution which best suits your business.

 By using DMX, you can connect with your customers and support your business goals. 

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Profusion iS

 Music and Music Video are powered by the DMX Profusion iS device


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Customised Industry Solutions

DMX Music has a great variety of music styles available.

From creating the perfect vibe at  a Greek restaurant, to a soothing mood in a health spa, to playing the latest chart-toppers in a fast –food joint, there is a style to suit your establishment, perfectly.